Your emotional and physical connection!

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Ignite the passion in your relationship

Understand yourself and each other more deeply

Increase trust and communication

Learn how mindset and perception play a role in connection

Gain tools and practices to strengthen your emotional and physical connection

Behavioral Health Dr. Ivy Loney, DBH, MSW will guide you on a 7 week challenge. Easily digestible weekly lessons (20-30 minutes) self paced at your leisure.

Your partner doesn't even have to participate, beacuase they will grow from the knowledge you will gain. And if you aren't in a current relationship you will be all the more prepared for the next one, by better undertsanding yourself and communicating your authentic needs!

Are you ready to Ignite your relationship?

What people are saying...

"Ignite helped us to really reconnect physically. We have been together for over 20 years and had grown comfortable with where we were. It wasn't bad, but now it is great! The challenge was fun, we both looked forward to each week."

-Cindy S., CA

"The challenge shifted us from being tense and avoidant. We are both more forgiving of each other and the energy we used to waste being upset, is now used for more playful activites." -Christina J., NY

"We both always thought we had a good relationship, we didn't know what we were missing until we gained a deeper understanding of each other through this class."

-Andy R., FL

If you are willing to invest in yourself and your relationship by completing the course,

We are commited to making sure it was worth it to you!

What if my partner wont take it with me?

Many take Ignite by themselves and improve their relationships! Because as you learn they learn. As you better communicate your needs, they will have the choice to reciprocate.
Healthy relationships grow together as new information is integrated. Don't take their unwillingness to participate as a slight. Take it as a challenge to improve yourself by not taking it personally. New things can be scary and sometimes having patience for your partner pays off!

What if we don't have a connection left to strengthen?

Something brought you together? A lot of couples lose their way in the maze of life. Ignite is designed to bring you back together, honoring your individuality. We have to let go of old story to move freely into the future. Don't wait for someday to figure out if the relationship is going to work. Ignite is a proactive step to determine what is working and what might need TLC. If nothing else, it will help with your own self love. Self love is where it all should start from anyway!

I'm not currently in a relationship, but I am interested in having stronger emotional and physical connections...

We believe the most important relationship you are in, is with yourself! Shoot half of the relationship is you after all. The wisdom translates to all types of relationships, not just the romantic variety. While the course itself is geared toward romantic relationships, it is universal in application.



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Meet one on one with Behavioral Health Dr. Ivy Loney either through Zoom or in person at the Arizona office. Consultations are used to help support the integration of the coursework and customize your experience! 
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