Find Your Flow

Cultivate mindfulness and presence!

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Do you feel burned out?

Are you tired of feeling like you can't catch your breath?

Do you react vs. respond to situations and later regret flipping your lid?

You are not alone. In our fast paced world it is no wonder why depression and anxiety are on the rise. Who can catch their breath? Even making time for self-care seems overwhelming. There is a way to not only survive this life, but also thrive! You will learn the framework for creating this shift for yourself: survive to thrive.

Connect with your authentic self

Learn simple and effective tools to down regulate your nervous system and relax

Learn how to identify and communicate your needs in the moment

Learn how mindset and perception play a role in your personal peace

Gain tools and practices to stay present and bring more mindfulness to your daily life

Join Behavioral Health Dr. Ivy Loney, DBH, MSW on a 7 week challenge to cultivate mindfulness and presence! Easily digestible weekly lessons (20-30 minutes) self paced at your leisure. You will gain the tools that will help you down regulate your nervous system and find more personal peace!

Are you ready to find your flow?

"Flow helped me to find a deep peace that was always there, I just didnt know how to find it. Life changing! "

-Seth, AZ

"I have taken so many classes and practiced mindfulness and meditation on my own. Now it is like I truly understand what being present means."

-Rebecca, CA

"I meditated my head off and never really found the peace promised. Do yourself a favor and take this course!"

-Sarah, CO

If you are willing to invest in yourself by completing the course,

We are commited to making sure it was worth it to you!



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Meet one on one with Behavioral Health Dr. Ivy Loney either through Zoom or in person at the office. The consultation is designed to support the integration of what you are learning and to customize your experience to your goals. 
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Custom Meditation

Let's work together to create a custom meditation based on what you are trying to create in your life. We will use aspects of meditation, hypnotherapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming in your design!
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